Kettlebells are a truly Russian national sport. Since ancient Russia times, Russian people valued physical strength. It was an honor to be the strongest man. The strength contests constantly were held in all villages and in towns. The Strongest men were referred to as Bogatir which means extremely strong and honorable man. There are a lot of fairy tells about unrealistic strength and power of Russian Bogatirs. Bogatirs also were honored for their goodness. They used their super strength for good and against evil.

During that time kettlebells officially weren't considered to be a real sport. It was more form of entertainment. During city festivity Russian men would show their abilities with kettlebells. They were used to compare strength, endurance, coordination. Kettlebell contests were always part of the social gatherings.

After World War II the weight lifting became popular in Russia and other countries. In cities people were more into olimpic weight lifting which was part of the United All State Sport Association of USSR. People were motivated by the idea of winning, getting titles, getting master of sport in athletics title. Nothing like that was offered in Kettlebell sport. Kettlebells, however, still were practiced in villages by farmers, fisher men, military and navy soldiers. The contests kept on being unofficial and as a form of power and strength contests. There were no rules, no regulations, no normative. It was just plain simple. Who will lift the heaviest kettlebell more times was the winner. In 1960's more and more contests were held in schools and universities. The rules, regulations, normative were set up. They varied from one place to another and there was no unity in the contest organizations. There were official recordings of the best results but no official normative for the master of sport title. Later there were special normative and regulations for military contestants. In 1970's kettlebells became part of the United All State Sport Association of USSR but still there were no official set of rules, normative, or standards. In 1985 committee of kettlebell sport was organized. Finally, national rules, regulations, normative, weight categories were set up. In November of 1985 the First National Championship of USSR was held in Lipetsk, Russia.

Fifteen years later, in 2000, Kettlebells were finally introduced for the first time in America. Kettlebell lifting is growing in this country. In 2002 Kettlebells were called—"Hot Weight of the Year" by Rolling Stone. More and more people finding out about kettlebells and are impressed with the results they get. There is a Kettlebell boom in America. Be part of it.