I have had a workout discipline for a very long time, but didn't realize how much I was missing in regards to the benefits achieved through my workouts until I began working out with Ed. He is very knowledgeable about all kinds of physical exercise and when working with him, I feel I get a total body workout. He is very creative and we rarely repeat exercises. Having that variety keeps your muscles more toned because they don't get used to a certain routine...plus you NEVER get bored working with Ed! Not only is Ed an great in this field, he is a very pleasant person and I always look forward to my early morning sessions with him-he starts my day off beautifully and I leave my sessions with a smile on my face, even if my muscles may not feel so peppy at that moment! He pushes me, but in a gentle, encouraging manner and I've accomplished more than I thought was possible.

Jon T.
Pharmacist manager (Age 48)

I started training with Ed over a year ago, and my results are as different as night and day .Let me tell you little about myself. Several years ago I had a rare disease after staying in the hospital almost 8 months, my body came close to being in a vegetable condition. Rehabilitation helped me ,but when I come back home I still had a very hard time walking, my balance was not good at all. In general I had never exercised before and after my illness I got even worse. Ed’s patient encouraging convinced me to try exercising with kettelbells and I am simply amazed how fast I received the benefits from an iron ball. I would never have believed I could become that more mobile and flexible in my movements and more confident in my walking and balance. Also his knowledge in diet always helped me to chose the right foods and kept achieving my goals faster (I lost 50 lb) He knows how to motivate me when we exercise. If someone really wants to achieve results, I recommend Ed.

Brian Rhoades
Co owner of plastic injection company (Age 52)

Ed did make every minute count. During each training session he did ensure that I am not wasting time and He did challenge my flexibility,cardio, core and resistance all in one workout. I did hate training at the gym because its boring, but I did not get bored using kettlebells and KettleFIT.

The training sessions design by Ed unlike traditional weight training is a fast workout and challenges the entire body in one complete workout and there are many exercises that will challenge you so that is why I did not ever become stale. He gave me a lot of effective nutritional information that is continuing to be transformative process for me in many ways. I am sleeping more soundly and deeply, my energy level is higher, and my mood is more even. I feel better.

Sara Myers
Accounts Manager (Age 44)

I have been using Ed as my personal trainer for about 5 months. He uses the 'old russian school' style of training which is what I love most about his style. He is able to create workouts that are made for you! I have not had one workout the same. He is able to push you to your max- meaning past the point that you can do on your own. I can definitely see a difference in my strength, speed, and endurance but most important in my body shape because my work and best of all, I really see a difference in the way my clothes fit. Thank you Ed, and I look forward to my next year with you as my trainer, and helping me stay on the top in my profession.

Julia J.
Professional Dancer (Age 29)

Training with Arturas has truly changed my life. I am addicted to our workouts. Since working out with kettlebells I have dramatically improved my flexibility, strength, cardio, endurance, and self-confidence. I used to train with traditional weights but found that they made me bulk up. The best part about kettlebell training for women is that they do NOT make you "muscle-bound" or bulky. It is a unique combination of cardio and strength training. The amount of calories burned during a kettlebell workout is incredible. I slimmed down and firmed up almost immediately. I eat healthy but don't count calories on workout days. I came to Arturas out of shape and struggling with poor posture. Now I am standing tall and I've lost 2 pants sizes!

Another advantage of working out with kettlebells is that you can workout anywhere. You don't have to invest in a gym membership nor is there any big expensive equipment to clutter your home. Arturas can provide "on-site" training in the convenience of your own home. I cancelled my gym membership and used the money to buy my own kettlebells. I have never looked or felt better.

Linda Basinger
Sales Executive

My name is Darnetta K. Tyus. I am a 45 years old African American Female, who has struggled with my weight for 30 years. I have tried every fad diet in America (all fat, low fat, no fat, high carb, low carb, no carb, Atkins, South Beach, cabbage, fasting, etc…) None of that worked because I was never able to stay commit to or stay interested in an exercise program, until now. In April 2005 I started working out with Aidas Urbonas. Aidas introduced me to a very strange object that he called a kettlebell. At that time Aidas instructed me to swing one medium kettlebell ten times. This was so different that I had Private Conversations with myself where I would say "Don't wine, just do it." Now, nine months, 31 pound, 3 dress sizes smaller eighty percent of my work out with Aidas includes the use of as many as four kettlebells and a variety of moves that I did not think possible. In addition to the visible physical improvements that I have experienced, I am continuously improving my medical condition of Diabetes. My working out with Aidas and kettlebells is allowing my body to successfully combat my high sugar levels. You might even say it is helping to improve my quality of life. Thanks Aidas.

Darnetta K Tyus
Chief of staff Chicago Housing Authority

I had unsuccessfully attempted to "get back into shape" many times over the last several years. A serious of injuries to my back and shoulders hastened my degeneration from collegiate athlete to out of shape business executive. Heading to gym and hitting the weights had been part of my routing for most of my adult life, yet in the absence of the structured team atmosphere, I found the weight room completely unappealing and I hated running the treadmills. I still enjoyed sports, but as a recreational athlete who at the best managed to hit some tennis balls or ski once a week I found my self in increasingly poor shape and health.

The first thing I noticed about Arturas, the first time we met, is that he listened very attentively to my sports history and asked a lot of detailed questions about diet and my job. My Occupation involves a lot of sitting, sometimes twelve hours a day, as well as starring at computer screens. I have had lower back and neck pain for as long as I have been in the business. After our initial dialog, Arturas approached me with a well thought out battle plan. And Attack in all fronts. Some sensible amendments to my diet, some basic movements to correct my now poor posture, and then some exercises to build stamina, strength, aerobic fitness. He introduced me to his weapon of choice, the Russian Kettlebell. I will candidly admit I looked at these cannonballs with handles with a lot of doubt. My initial reaction was, "you must be joking." How wrong I was.

Those kettlebells are worth their weight in gold to me as is my time with Arturas. We now train with them three times a week and I just ordered a set for myself to keep at home. I find myself for the first time in years, feeling strong and fit, and I really do owe it to Arturas. Kettlebells provide a versatile tool that really simulates true athletic movements. I find real utility in the exercises we do as I can relate them to my own sports of choice, judo, skiing, rock climbing, and tennis. I think that is the biggest difference between using kettlebells and conventional weight training. Kettlebells really do simulate true sport like movements as they require a great explosive effort of power, speed, balance. I have dramatically increased my strength and aerobic fitness and now I am at the point where I can really accelerate training. Even more surprisingly to me, I now sleep without a lower back and neck pain that for so many years has been my companion.

I used to teach judo for many years, and I have developed a highly critical eye for precision in training. Arturas is an extremely knowledgeable trainer. His experience coupled with a passion for his work lead him to stay completely on top of his game. He also posses the right blend of personable skills to properly motivate individuals to achieve. That is pretty evident by the diverse, in terms of age and athletic ability, group of clients he works with. I have been absolutely impressed with his methodology and look forward to many more years of training together. I really believe Arturas has helped me turn my health around, and for this, I will always be grateful.

Pav Sethi
Hedge Fund Manager

I have had different memberships in different gyms but never was satisfied with the trainers' knowledge, methods or workouts in general. Aidas impressed me with his extensive knowledge and personal experience. When Aidas offered to workout with kettlebells I decided why not try something new. Kettlebells, however, are more than just new and original workout. After the very first session I was sore everywhere. I felt muscles I didn't know existed in my body. More than that, as a pilot I spend a lot of hours sitting in one place and my lower back constantly reminds of itself but after few weeks working out with kettlebells, I noticed that flights are getting easier for my back. I continued to workout with Aidas and he continues to show me the moves that are challenging and fun. The workout with Aidas is the best workout I ever tried.

Robert Wilson
pilot (United Airlines)

My sister and I have been training with Aidas since March. That is the first time we ever saw the kettle bells. I did not think much of them at first sight, but my mind changed quickly from the first swing. I was amazed after doing a few of the basic kettle bell exercises. They work so many muscle groups at once. Also, what amazed me even more was how out of breath I got. Working with kettle bells is a fantastic mix of cardio and strength training. The first few times I did kettle bells, I woke up the next day with muscles aching that I never knew I had. I highly recommend making kettle bells a normal part of your fitness routine.

For anyone who is new to kettle bells, though, you must have a good trainer, and Aidas is the best. He is extremely knowledgeable and always knows what is best for his clients. Aidas is NOT for crybabies, though. He works you hard and always fits in a big workout in a short period of time. While working with Aidas, I look around the gym, and I KNOW no one else is working as hard as I am.

We do a lot more than just kettle bells: a lot of free weights or exercises using our own body weight. Aidas is always up to date on the latest and greatest exercises and also likes to teach the classics. We enjoy doing the basic Olympic lifts with the big weight bar. The workouts always vary and there is no time to be bored.

Aidas is always very supportive of my other sports pursuits. I trained over the summer for triathlon. He was always asking me how I was doing and giving me helpful advice. He altered our workouts to focus on muscle groups where I needed help for the triathlon.

Both my sister and I have been so pleased with our progress since working with Aidas. I have been doing strength training for many years with other trainers, and I think I have developed the best muscle definition since working with Aidas.

Look to the Soviet Force! Look to Aidas!

Sherri Spurlin & Jennifer Beishuizen

I have been using kettlebells under the supervision of Arturas Kolgovas for the past 1,5years.I was able to heal the pain from an injured right shoulder during that time and both my strength and mobility have improved.As a side benefit my body contour and self esteem have improved.And I am having fun. 

Ed Lack, M.D.

Kettlebells have made me stronger than I ever imagined—physically and mentally. I've lost more weight with kettlebell workouts than with cardio exercise and I've developed better definition than when I was just doing weights. Furthermore, kettlebell workouts have given me a sense of strength and stamina that permeates everything I do, whether it be lifting weights or lifting my four year old. And when I have to go into a new, unfamiliar situation I feel stronger, more powerful. I recommend kettlebell workouts to everyone I know because they have changed my body and my perspective in an unimaginable way.

Trisha Hinojosa, Psychologist